Severe Weather Preparedness

Severe Weather Preparedness

With heavy snowfall predicted this week, it’s never too early to make contingency plans for your family in case of weather-related changes to the school day.

No cancellations or disruptions have been announced at this time, but families are urged to plan ahead and stay tuned just in case.

Information for early childhood and elementary families:
Should school be canceled due to inclement weather, early childhood and elementary students would have regular snow days.

Information for secondary families:
The district has one more traditional snow day built into this school year’s calendar for secondary students. Beyond that, any weather cancellation would become an Asynchronous E-Learning Day for secondary students. In that case, our students in grades 6-12+ would participate in learning activities at home. (Asynchronous E-Learning - Students will have flexibility in the day’s schedule. They will NOT be required to log in to their classwork at specific times throughout the day.)

Before school dismisses today, our staff members will remind students that it is important for them to bring their technology home with them this afternoon. Our Technology Department has worked with families to ensure students have wifi access at home, so we believe our families are well situated for E-Learning Days, but please contact us as soon as possible at or 651-407-7637 if there is any additional technology support your student would need.

In the case that an Asynchronous E-Learning day must take place, please see the plan listed below:


  • Families will receive notification of an E-Learning Day as part of the regular communication regarding inclement weather days.
  • Students will not report to school but will engage in asynchronous E-Learning activities as assigned by their teachers. Directions on assigned E-Learning activities will be shared with students two hours after the start of the day via Google Classroom and/or email.
  • If a student is sick or unable to complete the E-Learning activities, families should contact the school attendance office to report the absence.  

Student Responsibilities:

  • Access the digital learning platform Google Classroom, and email throughout the Asynchronous E-Learning Day for directions on assigned asynchronous E-Learning activities. 
  • Engage in assigned asynchronous E-Learning activities for each class.
  • Submit assigned E-Learning activities for each class for record of attendance.

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